Architecture of Meaning
Cultivating Meaningful Engagement for Highly Gifted Adults and Highly Sensitive People

When thinking outside of the box,

requires living outside of the box.

  • Creatives,
  • artists,
  • writers,
  • healers,
  • innovators…

If you …

  • ~long to feel deep connection to life & work
  • ~are plagued by dissatisfaction with your achievements
  • ~experience self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • ~have a highly elaborate interior life you do not share
  • ~feel isolated from authentic relationships with others
  • ~suspect anxiety is not a call to medication, but to insight…
  • …you may be ready to embark upon a path to meaningful engagement.


This website provides resources for the highly gifted and highly sensitive person.
Jessica currently helps gifted clients identify barriers and self-sabotage preventing clear and congruent professional communication. Learn more about Jessica’s new work Conscious Communication Consulting.