Architecture of Meaning
Cultivating Meaningful Engagement for Highly Gifted Adults and Highly Sensitive People



If you wish to find assistance on your journey, here are some ideas to consider.

You can find therapists who specialize in serving sensitives. You can also share the literature on HSP’s with your therapist. Often, the feelings about being sensitive (and the trauma associated with the misunderstanding of this trait) can be adequately handled by a traditional therapist. Learning to live as a sensitive can be most easily supported by someone who works with sensitives and/or with energy. There are also many groups for HSP’s.

One of the challenges for highly gifted individuals is that they can be so highly cerebral that no therapist can ever get to the core issues. In this way, working with a medical intuitive can be very useful.  Also, most often these gifted folks are dealing with core trauma pieces that have never been addressed. In a sense, the competent self has split off from the traumatized self. Finding a highly trained trauma therapist may be a good direction to go in this situation.

Many clients report an unwillingness to go into talking therapy. They have spent time in therapy in the past and found it brought little resolution. While talking therapy is only a piece of the puzzle, when the core self is not present, and the coping self is running the show, it makes sense that talking about things in therapy was not illuminating or transformative. Finding practitioners who can help you access core emotions and body wisdom can be hugely helpful.

As always, you are your own best expert in what you need. While the practice of collaborative medicine remains the exception, even when it comes to integrative or collaborative medicine, you are always the hub of the spokes of the wheel of your care.

Because of time constraints, Jessica is no longer able to help you regarding inquiries about your best next steps.

Jessica is grateful to have worked with such a courageous group of individuals over the years.