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Kicked Out of Life

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

If you are compelled to evolution, there will most likely come a time where you feel kicked out of life. It is not merely that you have to change your diet, or give up drinking, or change careers, or give up exercise, or let go of a mate. You find that the world no longer holds any interest for you.

You will probably spend awhile trying to kick start yourself into wanting to want the old things – certain friends, or activities or life goals. However, at some point, you will realize it is not going to happen. Then you may spend a period of time frightened and afraid that you are going crazy. If you are lucky, during this time you will stumble across an author (if you have not given up reading) or meet someone who validates this disinclination to the culture as part of the evolution into a creative and authentic life. ...

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The Quality of One’s Heart

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

We have inherited schools of thought and modes of teaching and instilling knowledge that may have worked in other cultures or other times. However, they do not fit the requirements of this age. Our commitment to learning – our belief that knowledge holds the key – leaves us vulnerable to avoidance of deep matters of the heart….

If the capacity to be present in one’s heart, to gain greater and greater depth in one’s ability to show up to oneself feels like the way to true presence- then the road home leads in, not out to some spiritual philosophy. ...

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The Lonely Path of Healing and Evolution

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Your journey is not about being understood by others. It is about valuing your experience. You can be assured that most people will never have a true sense of your suffering, your disorientation, your perseverance, your loneliness or your triumphs. That is not what matters….

It is also demanding to understand that, most likely, you will have nothing “to show” for your months or years of pain and suffering. There will be no diploma, no party, no raise, no recognition. Of course, how could it be otherwise for an independent agent, bound only by the calling of the spirit? ...

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Unearthing the Roots of Depression

Friday, September 5th, 2008

It is rare to find a book on depression that touches upon the causal elements and dynamics of the depression itself. It is as if the writer – still suffering under the veil of depression’s shadow – is writing from within the condition. Unfortunately, by the very nature of depression, if you are in it – you can only write about what it is like – you can not write about what it is.

Depression is like a fever or a hallucinatory state. It prevents one from:

~seeing clearly
~accessing the core self
~being proactive
~freedom from disempowering influences.

We use terms like – being in a fog, or the light being dim because depression is very much a condition where the individual’s own energetic self is compromised. In my personal and professional work I would say that I have never encountered a depression that did not have spiritual, emotional and energetic dimensions to it. ...

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Anything but Depression …

Monday, September 1st, 2008

In a creative life, where one commits to transformation, there will be times when the lack of focus and the absence of energy are signs of evolution, not depression.

In a culture that values action, planning, product and proof of value, anything in your behavior that strays from being:

~goal oriented
~future oriented
~product oriented
~positive in emotion
~clear in focus
~enthusiastic in engagement

runs the risk of being labeled as depression. ...

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