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Dominant Culture

Cultivating Conscious Communication

Friday, December 12th, 2008

“Community” is a phrase we hear everywhere these days. Unfortunately, the tools necessary to create and sustain healthy community are often less available than the numerous efforts towards community. Often, a group can get bogged down by a member who does not share the goals of the group. The absence of a commitment to self reflection or capacity for clear communication limit the potential of any group.

As we go forward with an intention to reestablish bonds of community in every sphere of our lives, it is helpful to have concepts and tools to nurture and encourage healthy and authentic interaction. In a healthy group setting, it is the capacity of each individual for responsible and honest interaction that becomes the glue of structural integrity. ...

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Declining More for the Wisdom in Less

Friday, October 24th, 2008

…The more you own your own adequacy and wisdom, the more difficult many forms of interaction become. School systems, medical settings, religious institutions and governmental agencies are some of the places where the “helping systems” are founded upon our agreement to surrender our voices.

As you step back into your own knowing and your own enoughness- remember that most people you will meet are still inside of the paradigm of disempowerment. They have agreed to surrender their own knowing to be taken care of. ...

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Beyond Yoga, Buddhism and Meditation

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Either you have been on a path towards greater awareness for a long time, or more recent circumstances have initiated you onto a journey of discovery.

You may notice that some yoga masters and meditation gurus do not have the kind and complete presence you would expect. You are surprised by glaring gaps in their integrity. In fact, you can not help but notice that many people you meet whose lives revolve around yoga or meditation tend to have a kind of impenetrable shell. They say all the right things, but they seem less available, less fully present then some of your favorite people. ...

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Intensity and the Highly Gifted & Highly Sensitive Person

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

For someone who is gifted and sensitive, there is often no rest from perceptiveness, complex thoughts and a feeling of overwhelm. Until the gifted and sensitive person gains a vocabulary for inner experiences, their qualities of experience are often assumed to be “just the way people are”. It is often surprising for the gifted person to realize other people’s minds are not always responding to things in multiple ways at once, or that for many – a rose is just a rose.

In order to understand this notion of intensity – imagine a pot of water at a low simmer and a pot of water on high boil. Most people’s nervous systems operate at the low simmer level – needing a high flame (a great deal of stimulus of any kind) to produce a high boil. For you, being on a low flame still feels like a high boil. ...

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