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Healing Without Conscious Presence

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

…Many clients need assistance in finding and naming their experiences so that they can participate in the healing process and tell practitioners what they need. The gesture on the part of the practitioner to include clients as active participants in their own healing is only a gesture if clients do not have the tools to name, or the awareness to sense their own physical or energetic experiences.

Few clients trust their instincts when they see a practitioner. That gut hit of trust or reticence is often ignored in order to comply with the “helper”. Then the emotional, energetic and physical body are in a predicament of being “helped”, while they have not give their permission for the intervention. ...

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Gifted & Sensitive: Attending to the Subtle

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Hearing the radio station when the radio is turned off. Sensing something is wrong far before allopathic medicine can even detect a malignancy, though the biopsy proves there is cancer in the spot where something has felt “wrong”. An art expert who gets a ringing in his ears or feels sick to his stomach when he is presented with a fake work of art. People in certain parts of the country who hear the earth humming.

Clearly, there are levels of sensory attunement far subtler than anything western medicine or science can yet measure. Once one moves beyond thoughts like: ‘how can this be’ or ‘this is impossible’ or ‘I must be crazy’, the ability to accept and attend to the information one picks up begins. ...

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Knowing, Sensing, Feeling – Descriptive Words for the HSP

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

What is your word for when you just know something? How do you “get it” when you get something?

Does your body become still? Do you experience an inner excitement? Do you see certain colors or hear a certain sound? Is there a different felt sense about the world around you? ...

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