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    Jessica currently coaches highly gifted and sensitive individuals on the effectiveness of their professional communication. Learn more about this specialization Conscious Communication.

    Jessica no longer coaches the gifted and sensitive as they awaken to their giftedness and sensitivity. While her past coaching focused on these populations learning who they are, the current work focuses on how the gifted share their gifts with the world. Fortunately, there are now many coaches and therapists who specialize in assisting those learning about their sensitivity and giftedness.

    About Jessica:

    As the result of a car accident and a decade long healing crisis, Jessica gained an ability to read the energetic truths of the physical, emotional and spiritual fabric of an individual, whether or not she is  in the same room with them. Her awareness of subtle and complex themes and her ability to name those themes, has only deepened with time.

    What she does is partly a gift of her nature, partly the result of an opening that came with the car accident, and partly the result of ever increasing clarity that has come through ongoing clearing. She is able to quickly and accurately offer unique insight into how your history, beliefs and mechanisms of adaptation block authentic engagement.

    Her unusual perceptive ability allows her to:

    ~ assist you in defining your unique way of processing stimulus

    ~ validate the complexity of your multi-dimensional awareness

    ~ define fields of your awareness that are invisible to most

    ~ decipher subtle attachments to cultural memes preventing inner alignment.

    Her quest to find a joyous and efficient method of supporting individuals in the process of transformation began more than 30 years ago. She observed that talk therapy did not seem to help people make dramatic and lasting changes in their lives. This observation was the beginning of an ongoing journey of discovery.

    Her background includes graduate studies in the fields of education, social work and environmental studies. Early exposure to modalities such as art therapy, sensory integration, play therapy and educational kinesiology made it clear to her that healing often requires engaging that which is not conscious.

    As a certified educational kinesiologist, she discovered a gift for attending to the places of unique and previously undetected conflicts in clients. She was able to access levels of an individual’s wisdom and knowing that traditional therapies failed to reach. She specialized in working with men who experienced repeated accidents, injuries, chronic depression and health crises.

    Her journey has not come from a quest for the truth or some desire to gain enlightenment. Her nature since birth has been like that of the princess and the pea, always sensing the subtle things “underneath”. She has been constantly prompted by the discomfort caused by any lack of alignment to gain greater and greater understanding of the underlying dynamics of the human energy field.

    She is not beginning from the mental realm of theory or the idea of things. Instead, she is dwelling in a place that is aligned in mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical integrity.

    The awareness of subtle energetic realities in another, on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual – and the ability to give words to those experiences and themes, enable her to efficiently address subtle and complex themes that you find no therapist or coach can track or identify.