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    All of this would not have been possible if not for my work with you. Everything I accomplished in the past year and a half stems from those eight months that I worked with you, that released a certain potential I’d been struggling to access for years. And everything I accomplish in the next stage of my life will emerge from this latest experience, so when all is added up, you do get an inestimable amount of credit for the work you’ve done with me. The specific insights that you gave me and the words you used to convey those insights were most definitely the springboard from which I was able to do the work that I did. It gave me the confidence to rely on certain abilities that I would have otherwise not understood to access. You gave me the vocabulary to understand some things that would have remained obscured and possibly untapped had I not had a way to receive the way I was built. So many times over the past year and a half, things that you said kept coming back to me…  it all started coming together. I wanted you to know that I acknowledge the impact your work had on my life’s direction.

    ~ MH, California


    Big, enormous, heartfelt thanks to you for your time and energy and insight and wisdom. Endless thanks for holding this lantern in the dark for me so I can find my way.

    ~MK, Virginia


    In a year you have transformed my thinking and being. I have a set of tools I use every day. I realize I have been calm, and I use the metaphors and ideas from you constantly. You have truly transformed me.

    ~ SF, Washington


    An email is hardly the right form to express the profound thanks I want to express for our talk today. I’ve got so much to think about and some really deep insights to explore. It was so very helpful and I felt so very cared for by you.

    ~ SD, Virginia


    I have been reading the information on your website. Halfway through the first page, I started crying. To see words that talk about and validate my experience was overwhelming and comforting. Why has it taken so long to find them? It seemed like magic to hear you speak about my world.

    ~ BH, Virginia


    Working with you is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I have never met anyone as sharp or as clear-sighted. You are not only extremely bright and inquisitive, but well educated in all realms of therapeutic work. Even when I haven’t spoken to you in months, in minutes you make your way to what feel like the central issues in my life at the time. Like a surgeon, you quickly make your way to the areas needing care. One session with you feels as valuable as months with a standard therapist.

    ~ AA, Washington


    You had my essence down without our first three minutes of conversation. You displayed a deep understanding and empathy for who I am that is nothing short of remarkable.

    ~ PLB, Virginia


    You have a way of delving, or honing in on what is often not being said. You take me deeply beneath the surface to the core of my being, to the place I need to reach, but did not know how to find. You guide me to what I did not even know was there, but once having discovered it, I am forever altered. I know that when I get to the darkest place, you will guide me to the light. You assist me in untangling the impossible, reaching the unreachable and in rediscovering my purpose, my truth.

    ~ KB, Australia


    I read your Gifted blog posts today. I’m also reading the book you recommended. It seems you have awakened me. Enlightening, reassuring…

    I am:

    …finding answers to questions that have tugged at me for years!

    … astounded at how accurately and thoroughly the traits match.

    …struck by the good fortune (or Providence) that enabled this epiphany.

    …appreciating your mission.

    ~ NS, Virginia


    You are a miracle worker. What you just wrote is of such great assistance to me and so many ways. you are so right on. I could feel as I read your e-mail–that sinking deeper into my own authority would reveal the next step–as if the next step is not in any way the usual or traditional route–and may even be quite radical. You are such a blessing!

    ~ RF, Washington


    I continue to feel grateful (and lucky) to have your insight and wisdom and unique way of framing my unfolding experience of self and my abilities. I have felt MUCH less anxious since our last session and am now excited and grounded in my truth as I prepare to leave for this journey.  It all feels right, and I feel like I’m in the flow of things, right where I’m meant to be.

    ~ LA, Oregon


    I can’t thank you enough for being so present with me and open to hearing where I am.  You have really helped me start to learn how to respond more productively / positively / safely.

    Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful, and clear with your helpful feedback.

    ~MG, Virginia


    It was beyond a pleasure meeting you. This was a special encounter for me and it feels like you came to give me a needed message. You clearly are a very empathic person who carries the natural power of healing and understanding. Please continue to extend your gift.

    ~MK, Texas