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Late Bloomers – Reframing Your Relationship to Time

September 1st, 2009

The late bloomer-

Late to speak~
Late to walk~
Late to find a career path~
Late to find love~
Late to marry ~
Late to have children ~
Late to succeed ~

So it seems to be about time or timing. Being a late bloomer is not to do things in the timing of the culture.

Yet, through a different lens, the late bloomer is weaving together the necessary threads to be ready, fully ready for whatever the task is. It may be that the late bloomer is attending to more internal threads than most people. ...

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Highly Gifted and the Courage to Connect

August 25th, 2009

We assume that being highly gifted carries with it a capacity for self expression and a comfort in communication. As if the gift naturally comes with an accompanying mechanism that facilitates sharing. It is often exactly the opposite.

…The longing to belong, to connect, to live in a field of connectedness is as strong for the gifted as for anyone else. However, the road to this belonging is much harder to find. The mere act of reaching out and asking for help can be excruciating for the highly gifted. ...

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Sense of Place: Reading & Resources

May 3rd, 2009

Sense of place is a concept rapidly disappearing in a world defined by access that defines all constraints of time and geography. However, the human need to belong, to be defined by larger rhythms, and to feel a sense of fabric or continuity remain features of our biology. Here is a list of some books and films that remind us of the qualities and experiences that influence our relationship to place and that provide us concepts to help us make conscious choices about the world we create. ...

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Presence as Intelligence, Intelligence as Beauty

January 15th, 2009

At a time in evolution when what we know gives us no indication of how to make it through the challenges of our world, and what we can imagine fails to provide a bridge from the present to the future, perhaps it is useful to find a new way to relate to the notion of intelligence. ...

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Unconscious Healers & the Invitation to the Client

December 30th, 2008

…Part of the healing work is to identify if something is not working in the interaction. Often, the anticipation of expressing some dysfunction to the practitioner evokes fear in the client. A client often fears that sharing what is not working will put the relationship at risk.

The client’s childhood trauma often involved splitting from oneself in order to get love. The predicament of deciding whether one continues to see an unconscious healer, (or a practitioner who is causing some harm), in order to “get help”, or if one will put that relationship at risk by stating one’s needs, is a repetition of the childhood dilemma…. ...

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