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The Artist and the Market

Friday, April 16th, 2010

If your audience is the wired generation – 30 and younger – I am unable to speak about where to meet them, and what is going to move them.

For those who view your work who are in their 40’s and up – (which is not to say these folks are not wired) who are not collecting for investment purposes, many of them live in a world absent of the authentic, full of noise. Many seek that which inspires and moves them- many are seeking purpose.

They seek relationship -whether with the work or the artist or both. In their lives the art work or time with the artist is a gift- a moment where the veil is lifted and connection is made- to something REAL.

You have retirees looking to collect, to support artists, to bring the unusual to their worlds, to excite friends or just bring newness to the predictable. They benefit from engaging with creative, alive spirits.

As an artist you are a risk taker. Every day you are engaging with the unknown. In this way you are inspiration for those who seek to begin to move in previously unexplored directions. Your worlds enliven and broaden the worlds of your audience.

So, when someone walks through your door, if it is possible for you- treasure that moment as an invitation to connect. You have the opportunity to offer the clarity of your expression, of your work and to share that with another, to be you in the world, without apology.

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