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The Medium of “Medium”

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Over the years, I have witnessed numerous sensitives heal some of the cultural wounding from their isolation by watching movies and shows that give them new visual and emotional propositions for situations that were not adequately or positively experienced in life. It is as if they are given new scripts that allow them a platform for the creation of a new inner narrative and way of relating to the world.

It is always a tough call to know what books and movies are appropriate to recommend to a sensitive. Many of my clients know they need to steer clear of all themes of violence. Others choose to watch movies that may include violence if there are redeeming qualities to the films. They just know that they can’t take these images in late in the day. Otherwise, their nights are contaminated by the violent images.

The series “Medium” was brought to my attention by a client. It turns out to be one of the most delightful and insightful portrayals of what it is to be highly sensitive/intuitive that is currently out there in the popular culture.

The things she sees often involve violent deaths that people have suffered. This makes it a show that a sensitive must seriously consider viewing before diving in.

There are endless themes that are both pleasing and validating for a sensitive to watch unfold.

The portrayal of  a sensitive awakening in shock every night with traumatic images is revelatory for other sensitives who feel alone with this type of experience. The fact that there is an ever patient husband there who asks her each night if she is “ok”, and then listens to her explain her dream (and then helps her solves it) is a Disneyland kind of experience that can be quite therapeutic to watch and imagine.

The fact that while having a fully consuming night time experience every night, and a day job, she is happily raising three children, (when she is not asking her husband to do all the ferrying and childcare) is a delightful idea. She is not only getting paid to have this gift, but she is functioning with no sleep and leading a full life while fully under the influence of these visions.

The continued journey between being valued for her gifts and ridiculed and criticized as a quack can feel so familiar to sensitives who live with many understandings they feel they can never share with the world. Watching her be validated for her visions can be affirming.

The dynamic of getting visions, but being a victim of the visions, with no sense of their meaning, can feel like an amazingly accurate depiction of a sensitive’s dilemna. The everpresent demand to learn how to listen, interpret and follow the information that one is shown is amazing to see depicted on screen. Oh, for that scientist mate who, while all about “facts’, is ever present with “sensible” ways to help his wife make her way out of the mysteries in which she is drowning. He is always there to listen and to offer “solutions”.

Ah, for that mate who, while constantly being the best dad/husband defending the welfare of the family, is also willing to enter into his wife’s reality. The longing of every sensitive. That the family of origin would have allowed for the reality of the sensitive, and helped them to navigate the world as they experienced it.

Whether it is her confession that it is hard to make close friends because she picks up so much information about people, or the question she carries of whether she should share what she receives, or the constant requirement to decipher what is “her stuff” and what belongs to others, a sensitive will smile in recognition at the medium’s predicaments.

In watching this series, many clients discover a living vocabulary for so many of the challenges, traumas and realities that they have lived with their whole lives and for which they have never had words.

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