Architecture of Meaning
Cultivating Meaningful Engagement for Highly Gifted Adults and Highly Sensitive People


If you feel a lack of congruence in your environment, here is a beginning vocabulary to name what you may be experiencing in your visual, kinesthetic and energetic fields. Once you have concepts and words for what you sense, you will be better able to make the changes that create a sense of home and community.

Auditory: traffic flow, arguments, music, television, appliances, rain/wind, lack of sound/too much sound
Energetic: moods, electromagnetic, historic resonance
Geopathic: local earth structure (clay, granite), underground water, plate tectonics
Planetary / galatic pulls: pull of planets, felt sense of relationships between planets
Propriotheric: experience information through the body past, present, future in different dimensions (some call this feeling, some call it sensing, some call it knowing)
Kinesthetic: access to others/things, places to put things, ease of access, territory, relation to outdoors, sense of safety, nature of home itself, speed of activities (time-oriented or timeless)
Olfactory: both indoor and outdoor odors; chemicals, including cleaners, perfumes and carpets; foods, nature
Tactile: temperatures, surfaces, clothes, furniture, outdoors
Visual: lighting, patterns, color, clutter, harmony / disharmony

Aspects that help create a sense of home:

  • feeling that someone cares for us
  • quality of our social network
  • opportunity for self-identity
  • ability to personalize place
  • opportunity for privacy / refuge
  • base of activity / exploration
  • experience of continuity / predictability
  • nature of physical structure: home, land, neighborhood
  • environment / geography: weather, topography, access to nature
  • childhood roots / memories
  • sense of place / sense of belonging

(These aspects of home come from the work of Geoffrey Hayward)

Aspects that help create a spiritual sense of home:

  • capacity to love and be loved
  • optimism
  • courage
  • freedom
  • proactivity
  • inner peace
  • altruism
  • perspective
  • humor
  • purpose

(List from The Dance of Fear, Dan Baker and Cameron Smith)